Douze Souffles

In the moment the extraordinary exists.


This book is only available in his original version (french)

Alain Letessier

Alain Letessier, architect, was initiated to habitat optimization by Charlotte Perriand. Visionary, he was the inventor of multifunction modular architecture (Double your living space) in 1984 and is a pioneer in his profession.

In his autobiography, Douze Souffles, he mentions that he spent 30 years in Asia, during which he will make decisive meetings (notably the Sherpa and mountaineer Tensing Norgay) that will open it up to new perspectives.

For more than forty years he has been a fervent practitioner and defender of Feng-Shui. In 2012 it stops all activities to devote itself to a humanitarian and innovative architecture, with yOmOtic, a 100% autonomous house, inscribes in this very global project, guided by a powerful philosophy:

Humans transform and respect nature. There are thousands of us in France and tens of thousands around the world who realize that we are staging our own extinction.”

Alain Letessier, proposes to act concretely, creatively and realistically.

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