Effondrement (Collapse)


This book is only available in his original version (french)

Carinne Coisman was born in 1984 in Paris. As a director, she has a passion for the environment and science fiction. In 2008, she created Ekow, an association dedicated to raising public awareness of biodiversity. This is how she discovers permaculture, a concept that fits perfectly into her research. She decided to implement a documentary movie, “Permaculture, the autonomous way” and an anticipation novel, Effondrement. She takes the road for a year and travels across Asia by land to meet and interview permaculturists from different countries and to discover their practices. Effondrement is the logical continuation of this research work around the issue of the redistribution of power to civil society in the digital age.

“Simao feels hurt. An injury that would have been inflicted on him from birth. Unwittingly, he has always contributed to the plight of the poorest because of his simple existence. To feed, to dress, to heat. He remembers the wood delivered for the fireplace or the building materials packed in box, where the origin was the Earth. He didn’t choose to use other humans as slaves, he didn’t even realize it. Yet his condition, his place of birth, makes him a slave. This idea is violent. His fathers acted unconsciously, plunging him into an abyss of disuse, leaving him alone to assume the consequences of their actions. He revolts inwardly. The wolf is a wolf for human. Who can still believe in his benevolence, his generosity, his empathy, his indulgence? He no longer has the heart. He abdicates. Relegated to the rank of executioner, he feels bruised in the depths of his flesh.»

In a near future, dominated by an unbridled economy, the Earth becomes a purgatory. Rich men exile themselves on heavenly islets while the poor reinvent autonomy.

Effondrement is the story of a quest, that of three characters who are trying to save what remains of humanity in them. It is at the end of this struggle that they free themselves from the yoke of society and learn to look within themselves at what they really want.

Destined for that part of us that knows that we must love and not fear, share and not appropriate, work together rather than separately, this novel reminds us that it is always time, even if it seems to us that we sometimes abdicate.

Carinne Coisman knows how to juggle with several hats! Writer,she is also a director. With Julien Lenoir, she created a documentary about permaculture in the world. The objective is to transmit sustainable solutions to all-around a better understanding of the living. We can only advise you to marvel at this “road movie” resounding of solution.

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